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JK Moving

“We found Ongresso and they have been tremendous. We will be saving about $600,000 just in labour. That is definitely something to consider for future companies.


“With Ongresso support, we’ve experienced tremendous growth. With the talent recruited in Colombia, our clients grew to 130 in the U.S. From staffing to legal and accounting, Ongresso have been instrumental in our rapid success.”


“Ongresso’s expert tax advisory helped us save EUR 90’000.- in annual taxes. Our Colombian subsidiary became profitable for the first time thanks to the tax analysis and recommendations of Ongresso.”

Explore our detailed case studies to see how our tailored solutions have enabled companies to navigate complex challenges successfully. From strategic market entry and compliance solutions to streamlined operational processes, each case study provides insights into our approach and the impactful results we deliver.


1000 Heads' Quote about Ongresso

"Ongresso have stepped up and provided us with clear communication and guidance through the set-up of the entity, payroll onboarding and day to day accounting."

Sarah Collett
Group Financial Controller

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