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JK Moving Services Case Study

"We found Ongresso and they have been tremendous. They helped us through the process and 6 months later we already have our entity set up."

Frantisek Ruzicka

Director of Global Resources

JK Moving


Moving Company


Sterling, Virginia




What was your challenge?

We as a company we knew we wanted to offshore some of our services that we provide to our clients. I think the reason for the Offshoring was because we knew it is getting increasingly harder in the U.S. to get the right talent and the cost is going up. So we needed a partner that knows the local market, all the legalities and how to navigate through the process of creating an entity in a foreign country.

What was the solution?

When I contacted Ongresso, they got back to me very quickly with very important information that I needed to get the wheels in motion. I personally felt that Ongresso was not a big box brand and that the overall approach was more personal. Another advantage of working with Ongresso is that at the beginning I had many detailed questions, and Joe and his team were always there to help me and answer those questions accurately in order for me to make a decision. I also felt that the value delivered compared to the cost was something that was attractive for us as a company as well.

What was the results?

We found Ongresso and they have been tremendous. They helped us through the process and 6 months later we already have our entity set up. In terms of a measurable positive impact I would definitely mention the savings on the cost for labour in Colombia. We will be saving about $600,000 just in labour. That is definitely something to consider for future companies that might be thinking of Nearshoring.

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Don’t waste time looking for new partners in each country and for every service. Instead, partner with us to coordinate your activities more effectively, in one or various countries across the region.

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We have been building long-lasting relationships in Latin America for over 20 years. The network we can tap into proves invaluable during our clients’ international expansion, saving them time and avoiding costly strategic mistakes.

Seasoned Experts

We are a seasoned team of hands-on consultants and subject matter experts, diverse and multinational. What unites us is our passion for Latin America and our drive to deliver customer excellence in everything we do.

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Dienstleistungen für Unternehmen

Ongressos Dienstleistungen unterstützen bei Unternehmensgründungen, sichern rechtliche Compliance im Sekretariatsbereich und verwalten Finanzen sowie Steuerpflichten für fundierte Entscheidungen.


Unsere HR-Lösungen unterstützen Ihr Unternehmen bei der Rationalisierung von Einstellungs-, Personal- und Gehaltsabrechnungsprozessen und erleichtern die globale Beschäftigung durch PEO- und EOR-Dienste, optimieren Ihr Personalmanagement und vereinfachen Ihre internationalen Aktivitäten.


Ongressos Beratungsdienstleistungen sind darauf ausgelegt, Ihnen bei der Bewältigung von Herausforderungen beim Eintritt in neue Märkte zu helfen und nachhaltiges Wachstum für Ihr Unternehmen zu fördern. Nutzen Sie unser Netzwerk und Know-how, um in Ihrem Zielmarkt erfolgreich zu sein.

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