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We invite you to explore the possibilities with Ongresso. No matter which part of the world you want to expand your business, our team is ready to guide you through the complexities of international business expansion. Together, we will turn your global ambitions into reality.

Our Mission

Facilitating Business Beyond Borders For A More Connected World

At Ongresso, we are dedicated to simplifying the journey of global business expansion for companies and investors around the world. Our mission goes beyond facilitating market entry; it's about fostering a global ecosystem that contributes to a more connected world and creates opportunities with a positive impact on local societies.


We believe that responsible businesses play a crucial role in impacting and improving people's lives. They create attractive jobs, introduce innovative products and services, raise the sustainability bar, and take a stand against corruption. By accelerating the international growth of such companies, we contribute to the creation of a fairer, more prosperous, and peaceful world.


Whether guiding a startup to navigate new markets or supporting an established enterprise in its global expansion, Ongresso is committed to being a driver of business beyond borders. Our suite of services is designed with the core belief that global business success and local social responsibility go hand in hand.

Together, we aim to unlock the global potential of your business while ensuring our collective efforts lead to a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Our History

A company born from a passion for Latin America


Few places on earth welcome visitors with such warmth, authentic generosity, and joie de vivre as Latin America. These qualities were the reason our Swiss founders, Daniel Breitenmoser and Ulrich Hinterberger, developed a passion for the region and started to build local connections over 20 years ago. When they finally decided to turn their passion into a business, these connections were the foundation of what has become a deep network of senior experts across Latin America and in many verticals.


We chose Colombia to start Ongresso in 2010, betting on the untapped potential of the infamous South American nation. Our hopes were not only fulfilled, but exceeded, as Colombia underwent a historic transformation from a torn nation to a regional business hub and a tourist magnet. Soon after its foundation, Ongresso started to expand to other countries to support foreign businesses looking for a reliable and well-connected partner. We are proud to have become the partner of choice of many global industry leaders, who rely on us to facilitate and accelerate their market expansion.


Daniel Breitenmoser

Co-Founder & CEO – Ongresso

Our Present

Rooted in Latin America, Expanding Globally

Founded on the rich cultural and economic tapestry of Latin America, Ongresso has grown from a regional expert into a global powerhouse in corporate and market advisory services. Our deep understanding of the nuances of Latin American markets provides a unique foundation for our global operations, enabling us to apply insights and strategies that are informed by our success in one of the most complex and diverse regions in the world.


Our Promise

A World of Opportunities

Ongresso stands as your partner in taking your business beyond borders. With a blend of local expertise and international reach, we promise to deliver personalized, efficient, and strategic solutions to make your global expansion journey smooth and successful.

Our Values

Meet our team and learn about their values that encompass Ongresso:


We pride ourselves to actively listen to our counterparts and understand their situation while fostering genuine connections and ensuring everyone feels valued and heard.


We uphold honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct, building trust and mutual respect in everything we do.

Team Spirit

We thrive on collaboration, celebrating our diversity and each other's unique strengths, supporting growth, and achieving more together than we could alone.


We embrace change and see it as an opportunity for growth. We stay nimble, responsive, and primed to succeed in a dynamic world.

Meet Our Managers 

Daniel Breitenmoser
Co-Founder & CEO
Lorenz Ortmann
Head of Customer Excellence
Monica Cortes
Head of Finance and HR
Joe Novitzki
Sales Manager North America
Juan Camilo Patiño
Head of Operations

Our Presence


Kreuzhofstrasse 29


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Colonia Polanco Sección V

Mexico City

Calle 90 #19-41
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Av. José Pardo 223
Piso 11, Miraflores


Lota 2730, Of 52


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