Ongresso's Annual Compliance

Compliance With Full Legal Assurance

Our full-service Annual Compliance package keeps your business in line with local laws and regulatory requirements throughout the year.

Comprehensive Annual Compliance

Stay ahead of potential legal issues and ensure continuous compliance with Ongresso's expert Annual Compliance services. In the complex and ever-changing regulatory environment, having a knowledgeable partner is vital to maintaining the legal health of your business. Failure to adhere to annual compliance requirements can lead to severe penalties, including fines and disruptions in your business operations.


Our services provide the most straightforward approach to managing your annual compliance needs. We handle everything from statutory corporate filings and renewals to comprehensive reviews of your compliance status, ensuring that your company remains in good standing and avoids potential legal pitfalls. This proactive management allows you to focus on your core business activities without the worry of compliance-related issues.

Optimize Your Mandatory Compliance Management

Ensure your business operations remain compliant and uninterrupted. Ongresso’s Annual Compliance services are designed to keep your business aligned with local regulations, simplifying the complexities of compliance management and supporting your company's continued legitimacy and success.

Trusted by Global Brands for Entity Management

Our extensive experience is demonstrated by our success in managing annual compliance for a wide variety of firms. Our comprehensive Entity Management service utilizes deep expertise and local knowledge to ensure that companies meet regulatory requirements effectively across multiple jurisdictions.

Why Choose Ongresso for Your Annual Compliance?

Save Time and Avoid Risk
 Rely on our extensive expertise to handle your annual compliance efficiently, mitigating risks and reducing the administrative burden.
Guaranteed Compliance

Our unique combination of legal and tax expertise ensures your company is established in full compliance with local laws, tailored to your business goals.

Holistic Compliance Oversight

From monitoring changes in regulations to handling all necessary filings, our services provide a complete compliance solution that keeps your business on track.


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Your All-in-one Trusted Partner

Our clients choose us for fast, reliable results in their market expansion. We accelerate their journey with expert market intelligence, streamlined services, and professional company setup. As a trusted single point of contact, we empower our clients to achieve long-term success in their desired market. Explore our case studies and testimonials to discover the tangible impact we've made for businesses like yours.

“We found Ongresso and they have been tremendous. They helped us through the process and 6 months later we already have our entity set up.”

JK (1)

Frantisek Ruzicka

Director of Global Resources

“With Ongresso, we had a very quick implementation time, we were up to speed very quickly, which was important. In addition,we felt that we were listened to as customer. Our issues were taken seriously and we got a quick response and effective solutions, and that was precisely what we were looking for in this partnership.”


Daniel Ott

Manager Latin America

“Ongresso’s team supported us with their expertise in setting up a branch in Peru and finding and hiring an employee in Colombia, offering us the complete solution.”


Gerardo Montenegro

Commercial Director Latam

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