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Working at Ongresso gives you many opportunities

“At Ongresso we hire for talent, ambition and culture fit, not for technical skills in the first place. If you share our passion for Latin America, want to contribute in a meaningful way to its positive development and care about other people, then you should get in touch with us!”

Daniel Breitenmoser

Co-founder & CEO – Ongresso

Our Mission

We contribute to a brighter future for Latin America

We believe that responsible businesses are the most effective actors to impact and improve people’s lives. They create attractive jobs, introduce innovative products and services, raise the bar of sustainability and condemn corruption. By helping such companies grow their business in Latin America we want to contribute to creating a fairer, brighter future for the region we love.

Our Values

Meet our team and learn about their values that encompass Ongresso:


We pride ourselves to actively listen to our counterparts and understand their situation while fostering genuine connections and ensuring everyone feels valued and heard.


We uphold honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct, building trust and mutual respect in everything we do.

Team Spirit

We thrive on collaboration, celebrating our diversity and each other's unique strengths, supporting growth, and achieving more together than we could alone.


We embrace change and see it as an opportunity for growth. We stay nimble, responsive, and primed to succeed in a dynamic world.

Working at Ongresso has the following benefits

Remote work
Flexible working hours
International environment
Career development
Paid English lessons
Upskilling support
Amazing team
Company retreats

Current Openings

Open application

At Ongresso we are always happy to get to know talented people interested in working with us. If you are one of them, tell us a bit about yourself, why you would like to work for Ongresso and how you think you would add value to our team.


Please send us your resume and describe your suitability and motivation for this position.

Internships at Ongresso

Practice your Spanish and learn new skills

At Ongresso you are not ‘just an intern’ but a valuable member of our team. You will work with talented professionals from all over the world who will share their passion for Latin America with you and teach you invaluable skills for your future career.

Discover Internships Opportunites

We are searching for:

  • 4 interns in Marketing
  • 2 interns in Finance
  • 1 intern in Customer Success
  • 1 intern in Sales
  • 1 intern in Operations

We offer four internship cycles per year. The application periods are the following:


  • Dec. 1 - 20
  • Mar. 1 - 20
  • Jun. 20 - Jul. 10
  • Oct. 1 - 20
Through the internship at Ongresso I was able to practice my Spanish and expand my skills in marketing. The team really infected me with their passion for Latin America.

Johanna Lemke

From Germany

The amazing team at Ongresso helped me develop new skills, improve my Spanish and see how much impact an intern can have. Highly recommended!

Tim Stingelin

From Switzerland

The Ongresso internship offers a unique possibility to learn simultaneously about the internationalization process and the Latin American business culture.
Mohamed-Nazar-Mahmoud-Ongresso-Intern-400x250 (1)

Mohammed Mahmoud

From Switzerland