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Efficient & Accurate Financial Management

Our comprehensive Accounting, Tax, and Treasury service package enables your business to navigate financial landscapes accurately and in full compliance with local laws and regulations.

Compliant Financial Management  

Sidestep the complications of financial mismanagement and regulatory non-compliance with Ongresso's specialized services. In the ever-evolving financial and tax regulation landscape, the expertise of a knowledgeable partner is indispensable for maintaining compliance, minimizing risk, and enhancing efficiency. Errors in financial reporting or tax filing can lead to severe penalties, unnecessary costs, or detrimental audits. 

Our solution provides the most direct path to streamlined financial management. We handle everything from detailed accounting records, tax planning and compliance, to efficient treasury and cash flow management, ensuring your business stays financially healthy and primed for growth. Shift from reactive financial management to a proactive strategy in less time than you thought possible with our efficient approach. 

Optimize Your Financial Operations
with Expert
Accounting, Tax, and Treasury Services

Elevate your financial operations with Ongresso's all-inclusive Accounting, Tax, and Treasury services. Tailored to keep your business finances precise, compliant, and optimized, our services simplify complex financial processes, ensuring your operations align with local fiscal laws and international accounting standards. 

Trusted for Global Financial Management Excellence 

Our track record of success speaks volumes, with a history of supporting international businesses in achieving and maintaining financial excellence. Ongresso's Accounting, Tax, and Treasury services draw on decades of experience and in-depth understanding of global and local financial landscapes to deliver comprehensive solutions that keep your business ahead. 

Why Choose Ongresso for Your Financial Management Needs?


Rely on our vast experience and deep knowledge to navigate complex financial territories, avoiding pitfalls and maximizing opportunities.

Compliance Assurance:

Stay ahead of regulatory changes and ensure full compliance with our expert tax planning and reporting services.

Operational Efficiency:

Benefit from streamlined financial processes that enhance your operational efficiency and financial transparency.

Strategic Financial Planning:

Leverage our strategic insights for better financial decision-making and long-term success.


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Your All-in-one Trusted Partner

Our clients rely on us for precise, trustworthy financial management in their operations. We enhance their financial strategy with expert insights, comprehensive services, and meticulous attention to detail. As your dedicated financial partner, Ongresso ensures your peace of mind by managing complex accounting, tax, and treasury tasks with proficiency. Trust us to be your singular point of coordination, enabling your business to thrive financially in your target markets. Dive into our case studies and testimonials to see the real-world value we've delivered to businesses similar to yours. 

“We found Ongresso and they have been tremendous. They helped us through the process and 6 months later we already have our entity set up.”

JK Moving Case Study Image

Frantisek Ruzicka

Director of Global Resources

“With Ongresso, we had a very quick implementation time, we were up to speed very quickly, which was important. In addition,we felt that we were listened to as customer. Our issues were taken seriously and we got a quick response and effective solutions, and that was precisely what we were looking for in this partnership.”


Daniel Ott

Manager Latin America

“Ongresso’s team supported us with their expertise in setting up a branch in Peru and finding and hiring an employee in Colombia, offering us the complete solution.”


Gerardo Montenegro

Commercial Director Latam

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Corporate Services

Ongresso’s Corporate services assist with business incorporation, ensure legal and regulatory compliance through secretarial support, and manage finances and tax obligations to facilitate informed decision-making.

HR Solutions

Our HR solutions help your organization to streamline hiring, staffing, and payroll processes, and facilitate global employment through PEO and EOR services, optimizing your workforce management and simplifying your international operations.

Advisory Services

Ongresso’s Advisory services are designed to help you navigate new market entry challenges and drive sustainable growth for your business. Access our network and know-how to ensure success in your target market.

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