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ExFreight Case Study Case Study

"Ongresso offers a personalized client support that facilitates a better relationship with our local employees. Their cost structure is simple and saves us from hidden costs."

Roger Skistimas

Sales Manager

ExFreight Zeta




Lake Worth, Florida




What was your challenge?

Exfreight was looking to switch service providers for International PEO services to find a provider that more closely matched their business model and provided more personalized client support.

What was the solution?

The client identified Ongresso as a potential provider for International PEO services. After demonstrating a solid fit for Exfreight's business model and delivering client support that went above and beyond, Ongresso was contracted as the new service provider. Ongresso provided a model that facilitated a better relationship between Exfreight and the local employees as well as timely support to educate the client and address all questions about the marketplace and the service.

What was the results?

The client expressed a very high level of satisfaction with the sales process and the investment of time and effort to address all of their needs in a timely manner. Exfreight and their local employees were treated fairly and received high quality service that allowed them to focus on their core activities, knowing that Ongresso, as their new provider, would support them with any issues that arise. The cost structure offered was simple and saved Exfreight from hidden costs. Financial predictability is important for budgeting and the client highlighted the fact that they always received up-to-date, accurate, complete, and transparent information from Ongresso. Ultimately, this led to client satisfaction and continued collaboration.

One Stop Shop

Don’t waste time looking for new partners in each country and for every service. Instead, partner with us to coordinate your activities more effectively, in one or various countries across the region.

Top-Tier Network

We have been building long-lasting relationships in Latin America for over 20 years. The network we can tap into proves invaluable during our clients’ international expansion, saving them time and avoiding costly strategic mistakes.

Seasoned Experts

We are a seasoned team of hands-on consultants and subject matter experts, diverse and multinational. What unites us is our passion for Latin America and our drive to deliver customer excellence in everything we do.

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Corporate Services

Ongresso’s Corporate services assist with business incorporation, ensure legal and regulatory compliance through secretarial support, and manage finances and tax obligations to facilitate informed decision-making.

  • Company Formation
  • Accounting - Tax - Treasury
  • Annual Compliance
  • Legal Representation 
  • Corporate Secretarial
  • Domiciliation 
HR Solutions

Our HR solutions help your organization to streamline hiring, staffing, and payroll processes, and facilitate global employment through PEO and EOR services, optimizing your workforce management and simplifying your international operations.

  • EOR & International PEO
  • Recruiting
  • Payroll
Advisory Services

Ongresso’s Advisory services are designed to help you navigate new market entry challenges and drive sustainable growth for your business. Access our network and know-how to ensure success in your target market.

  • Market Entry Intelligence
  • Partner Selection
  • ESG Sustainability Consulting
  • Tax Advisory

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