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Katadyn Group Case Study

"We wanted to expand into Latin America, but we didn't know where to start. Ongresso helped us with workshops, tax questions, and hiring a senior sales executive. They saved us time and helped us achieve our expansion goals"

Johann Wille

Chief Financial Officer

Katadyn Group








What was your challenge?

We were considering a deadly expansion into Latin America without knowing exactly which country we want to start with what should be our future base to cover the whole region and for that reason to identify the right location for a future recruitment of a sales manager and, in the long term, a sales entity. Wee needed education about not just fiscal issues, but employment reasons, talent search, those kinds of things that are sometimes difficult to uncover with simple desk research.

What was the solution?

We found great value in advisors throughout Ongresso. They helped us exactly to identify what are the key factors for our decisions and giving availability. Ongresso helped us during two workshops, in the first Workshop we did an analysis of our objectives, what criteria we value the most and then in the next Workshop we evaluated those different criteria and already defined the right next steps and this was extremely helpful.

What was the results?

We identified the right location which was Colombia and defined the right market entry strategy. We selected the next steps for the expansion of our model and thanks to this engagement with Ongresso we significantly increased the decision making process. That conclusion would have taken months, but we lasted just one month and we ended up with a sales manager hiring who has over 10 years of experience in our niche industry. I can say, that Ongresso experts are extremely easy to approach, they are open to any questions, they show a great experience and have a very structured approach such a project.

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Don’t waste time looking for new partners in each country and for every service. Instead, partner with us to coordinate your activities more effectively, in one or various countries across the region.

Top-Tier Network

We have been building long-lasting relationships in Latin America for over 20 years. The network we can tap into proves invaluable during our clients’ international expansion, saving them time and avoiding costly strategic mistakes.

Seasoned Experts

We are a seasoned team of hands-on consultants and subject matter experts, diverse and multinational. What unites us is our passion for Latin America and our drive to deliver customer excellence in everything we do.

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Ongresso’s Corporate services assist with business incorporation, ensure legal and regulatory compliance through secretarial support, and manage finances and tax obligations to facilitate informed decision-making.

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Ongresso’s Advisory services are designed to help you navigate new market entry challenges and drive sustainable growth for your business. Access our network and know-how to ensure success in your target market.

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