We have offered our services to clients from a variety of industries over the years. This is what they say about us.

Ongresso provided us with a market analysis and identified potential partners for our brand in Colombia. Thanks to their work, we increased our understanding of the Colombian market from 5% to about 80%, all within a relatively short timeline and a great price-quality offering.


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Ethan Sernoff

General Manager Americas, O'Neill

Ongresso are a team of experts in the field of product registration, business creation, accounting, and legal services involved in the (expansion) process. In addition to this, they have an incredible human quality which inspires a lot of confidence and credibility to establish a long-term relationship. Whenever I have the opportunity I recommend them to my clients, and really, we are very satisfied with our alliance because we can be sure that they will offer the same excellent quality that we offer at Smart.

Andrea Eljach

Founder, Smart Connection

Having Ongresso by my side from start to finish proved very helpful as their very knowledgeable representatives gave me invaluable input on local culture and business, their take on the different candidates and made sure all my expectations were met and actually exceeded.

Metsä Tissue

Simo Schulz

Vice President Sales and Marketing, Metsä Tissue

The fact that Ongresso combines legal, accounting and financial know-how and consists of a multinational team that understands the international implications of our business model has helped facilitate and improve our local operations in Colombia. E. van Brummelen Group controller, Sana Commerce

E. van Brummelen

Group controller, Sana Commerce

In January 2015, we started our business relations with Ongresso in Colombia. The company serves as local treasury, handling foreign currency imports in Colombia and managing our funds to process local payroll and handling local operating expenses.

Ongresso performs these tasks efficiently and always on time and facilitates doing business in Colombia considerably. Thanks to them, we were able to enter the Colombian market without having to establish a local subsidiary. We appreciate your impeccable service and look forward to further cooperation with your team.


Bala Musrif

Founder & CEO, Eventbee

Ongresso has been an amazing support helping all our employees get paid on time with amazing exchange rates. It is also a company that stays with you every step of the way in case you have any questions or issues; they will always find a way to help you.

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Natalia Buitrago

Office Manager, BAM

Ongresso served as our local consultant, handled all issues related to labour law, provided legal advice and drafted the necessary contracts.

Since the start of our collaboration, my team and I have enjoyed working with Ongresso. [They] proved to be competent, reliable, proactive and extremely flexible. Ongresso has become a valuable partner and a trusted advisor that combines profound local knowledge, a cross-cultural perspective and a cordial attitude.

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Jean-Pierre Schmutz

Region Manager L.A, Burkert

Ongresso’s multidisciplinary team of experts and the quality and efficiency of their work makes them a sure bet. We recommend Ongresso to companies and investors who want to do business in Latin America and need the support of an experienced local partner.

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Richard Focken

CEO, 12Tree Finance

Since the beginning of the collaboration, we have had an excellent relationship with Ongresso in Peru. He was able to find us legal representatives in other countries who met our expectations. Knowing that this was a new form of collaboration for Tdh, Ongresso supported us throughout the implementation process.

Marc Luna, Latin America and the Caribbean, Terre des hommes

Marc Luna

Latin America and the Caribbean, Terre des hommes

Ongresso has endorsed us in an outstanding way and played a key role in the rapid buildup and growth of our Colombian subsidiary. [Its] full-service package is unique and one of the reasons why we chose Ongresso. The Ongresso team is competent, reliable, efficient and fast. In short, you couldn’t wish for a better partner in Latin America.

Michael McCrae

Group Managing Director, Netcentric

Our client was more than satisfied with the results Ongresso presented. He left deeply impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of Ongresso and appreciated their personal commitment and service mentality.

Since the start of our contract, we could always count on your professional support. We have been very satisfied with your services and the overall effort to serve our company.

Medardo R. Torres Constante

Managing Director, Global Hydro

Ongresso was really quick to analyze and understand our situation, suggest and visualize different options, benchmark and compare the pros/cons of each option and to finally make a conclusive recommendation on the best solution that was accepted and implemented by our top management.

Mageba Interview Ongresso

Fabio Pellegrini

Manager for the Andean Region, mageba

Thanks to [Ongresso’s] experienced multilingual management team, communication with them has been easy, fast and professional and they are great at answering our questions. Ongresso was able to solve all of our challenges quickly and at a very reasonable price.

Eleni Cotsis, Talent Acquisition Executive for ALICE

Eleni Cotsis

Talent Acquisition Executive, ALICE

The detailed interviews were of significant value to our members. We appreciate your flexibility in developing the scope of the project, obtaining updated statistical information on the trade of our product category and personalizing the report.

Jorge Izquierdo

Vice President Market Development, PMMI

In Ongresso we have found a partner we can trust and rely on. Considering all the laws and regulations we have to follow in Colombia they offer us a cost-effective solution that minimizes legal risks. This gives us peace of mind and lets us focus on more strategic tasks

Michael Rohmeder, Founder and CEO of Equippo

Michael Rohmeder

Founder and CEO, Equippo

Ongresso was able to identify, contact and schedule meetings with viable companies that showed promise as a customer, and represented a good cross section of companies in Colombia.

Spee-dee Machinery Interview Ongresso

Richard Laforest

Export Manager, Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery

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