Kleiner Correa

Head of Accounting

I am a calm and analytical person, I’ve always liked numbers so that’s why I chose for this beautiful area of expertise. My main responsibility at Ongresso is to ensure the correct handling of taxes and other key areas for our clients in Colombia, as well as helping them in their tax planning. I also supervise and support our accounting team in daily tasks such as payroll, bookkeeping, etc. and pass my know-how on to our junior staff.

I am a certified public accountant with post grad diplomas in taxation law and more than 10 years of experience. I stay up to date by attending seminars and courses for professional development and specialization. I am also doing a post grad course in IFRS.

At Ongresso, I like that our clients come from diverse countries and industries and, with their different requirements and perspectives, constantly represent a positive challenge for me.

Our Offices

Ongresso Colombia
Cra 41 # 9 - 60 Office 202 
Phone: +57 4 501 73 78

Cra 7#116-50
Phone: +57 317 441 06 29



Ongresso Perú

Jr. Monte Rosa #256 Office 502
Phone: +51 962 206 868





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