Joe Novitzki

Head of Communications

Originally from the United States, I first came to appreciate Latin America after living and volunteering for a Catholic Mission in San Felix, Venezuela. I was struck by the level of hospitality, sense of community, and the genuine happiness and joy experienced daily by the locals. This love of the culture was confirmed with subsequent trips to Honduras and Peru.

I moved home to start a career in medical device sales. Three years later found myself itching to move back down to South America, so I decided to scratch the itch. My travels and job search landed me in Medellín, Colombia, where I was thrilled to connect with a company like Ongresso and its team that shared my passion for the local culture and my vision of serving as a link between my home country and a region of the world I’ve come to love.

As Head of Communications, I have a variety of responsibilities: client correspondence, client consulting, internal communications, marketing strategy, content creation, and sales/business development for the US and Canada.

Our Offices

Ongresso Colombia
Cra 41 # 9 - 60 Office 202 
Phone: +57 4 501 73 78

Cra 7#116-50
Phone: +57 317 441 06 29 


Ongresso Perú

Jr. Monte Rosa #256 Office 502
Phone: +51 962 206 868




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