Market Entry Package

How do I know it’s the right time and place to expand? 

  • Get clear, actionable intelligence of your target market before deciding on market entry.
  • Visit the target country and meet with market players to get a personal, in-depth feel for the business environment.

We’re ready to expand. What’s next?

  • Take advantage of our extensive experience in Latin America when defining your strategy and writing your business plan.
  • Find the perfect local partner that fits your profile and build a successful long-term relationship.

Entering a new market offers great opportunity, but also considerable risks. Speculating on imagined or exaggerated customer demand, entering an already saturated market, or partnering up with companies that are unreliable can lead to failure. Making decisions based on incomplete information is an unnecessary risk that can cost you time, resources, and your reputation.

We can help you reduce these risks by providing the in-depth market intelligence you need to make an informed decision, find the ideal partner, and help you develop the right strategy for each market. Our comprehensive Market Entry Package includes Market Research, Site Visits (including pre-scheduled meetings with shortlisted candidates), Partner Search, Business Plan Elaboration, and Strategic Consulting.

We will advise you regarding the country’s cultural idiosyncrasies, legal requirements, and strategies to help expand your business in Latin America.

Our Market Entry Package helps you define your market potential, get ‘real-life’ feedback in personal meetings with potential clients, distributors, providers, etc, get on-the-spot insights from your Site Visit, and fine-tune your business model. We will also compile the data to provide you with a summary that will lay the groundwork for a solid Business Plan and Market Entry Strategy based on realistic expectations, numbers, and timelines.

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Our Clients


“Since the start of our contract, we could always count on your professional support. We have been very satisfied with your services and the overall effort to serve our company.”

Medardo R. Torres Constante, Managing Director, Global Hydro


“The detailed interviews were of significant value to our members. We appreciate your flexibility in developing the scope of the project, obtaining updated statistical information on the trade of our product category and personalizing the report.”

Jorge Izquierdo, Vice President Market Development, PMMI


“Our client was more than satisfied with the results Ongresso presented. He left deeply impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of Ongresso and appreciated their personal commitment and service mentality.”

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