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  • Discover our compact and cost-effective alternative to direct employment.
  • Avoid having to establish a local entity.
  • Get rid of time-consuming payroll tasks and issues by outsourcing your staff to us.
  • Become operational fast and with a predictable budget.

Over the last decade, the Outsourcing of Personnel and HR Processes (HR Outsourcing – short HRO) has become standard practice in Latin America and around the world. Outsourcing personnel or related processes such as Payroll and Labor Contract Management to a local provider that knows the country’s labor regulations inside out helps foreign companies and investors streamline their business processes, saves time and ensures regulatory compliance.

Due to the different national regulations, for a growing number of companies, outsourcing their personnel and HR processes in Latin America to an external specialist is an attractive, high-quality and cost-effective alternative.

A very attractive option is hiring personnel through a so-called Personnel Employer Organization (PEO), like Ongresso, that allows our clients to establish a presence in a new market almost immediately while keeping costs and risks under control, as they do not need to establish their own local entity. For example, by hiring a sales executive through Ongresso you can start contacting clients and generating leads right away without having to worry about payroll and legal labor matters.

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Our Services:

  • Payroll Accounting: data entry of personnel-related payments
  • Payroll Management: employee onboarding, monthly calculation and payment of salaries and benefits
  • Labor Law Support: consultations on different contract types, drafting of labour contracts, advice on tax implications, support in legal disputes, contract terminations
  • Personnel Outsourcing: recruitment and hiring of client personnel through Ongresso who will handle the administrative and legal side of the employment while the client is responsible to train and operationally manage the employee (Ongresso’s role in this case is also referred to as PEO – Personnel Employer Organization)
  • Recruiting: support in finding and retaining the best talent locally available for the client

Our Clients


Since the start of our contract, we could always count on your professional support. We have been very satisfied with your services and the overall effort to serve our company. Medardo R. Torres Constante Managing Director, Global Hydro


The detailed interviews were of significant value to our members. We appreciate your flexibility in developing the scope of the project, obtaining updated statistical information on the trade of our product category and personalizing the report Jorge Izquierdo Vice President Market Development, PMMI


Our client was more than satisfied with the results Ongresso presented. He left deeply impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of Ongresso and appreciated their personal commitment and service mentality.

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