Water Treatment & Circular economy: A business opportunity in Colombia

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In October, a German delegation of 9 companies from the water engineering sector visited Colombia in order to identify possible growth opportunities in the sector and establish local strategic alliances.

The delegation was accompanied by the German Water Partnership and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. During the event, which was organized by the German-Colombian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bogotá, various experts spoke and shared their expertise.

Opportunities & Challenges

According to the Colombian government the improvement of quality and reduction of waste of water is fundamental. This objective belongs to the national plan of development and within five years the water quality should be improved significantly. This provides investment opportunities for foreign companies who are willing and capable of offering their technological knowledge and solutions.

The Circular Economy

Another topic which is strongly connected to the water sector is the Circular Economy. As of late, the term has gained more recognition worldwide, but there still exists some confusion about its meaning. Generally speaking, the Circular Economy is much more than just the process of recycling, which represents only one step within the circle. Reducing the environmental footprint and dependency on resources along with minimizing waste other main objectives of the Circular Economy.

Circular economy – mywaste

If your company belongs to any of the mentioned sectors and you are interested in expanding your business to Colombia, please contact us. As a member of the Holland House and the German-Colombian Chamber of Commerce and Industry with nearly a decade of market entry expertise in Colombia, we are poised to facilitate your expansion to the region with ease.


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