Through PEO / HR outsourcing you can speed up your hiring process, eliminate the complexities of local labor regulations and provide a great onboarding experience to your employees.

Our PEO / HR Outsourcing Services

How using an Employer of Record can kickstart your growth

To achieve a fast market entry, our clients choose our HR outsourcing service where we act as their PEO (professional employer organization), also called EOR (employer of record). They use our local infrastructure and HR team instead of spending months setting up a foreign entity. Speed is of the essence at this stage.

Misclassifying a remote working relationship with a contractor can result in severe penalties and fines. Our HR team knows the local labor laws and can help you navigate the complexities of hiring locally to ensure your compliance.

Some of the companies we have helped to expand

Our PEO / HR outsourcing services

Remote hiring made easy

Hire, onboard and pay your remote employees quickly and compliantly. Start growing your remote team now and offer a smooth onboarding experience to your local top talent.

Fast & Painless Onboarding

We hire your remote employees through our local infrastructure. Start onboarding local talent in days instead of months.

Compliant Employment

Hire in compliance with local regulations and avoid severe penalties and fines from misclassified labor relationships.

Competitive Advantage

By offering formal employment with full benefits you become a more attractive employer than companies hiring freelancers

PEO HR Outsourcing

”Ongresso served as our local consultant, handled all issues related to labour law, provided legal advice and drafted the necessary contracts.

Since the start of our collaboration, my team and I have enjoyed working with Ongresso. [They] proved to be competent, reliable, proactive and extremely flexible. Ongresso has become a valuable partner and a trusted advisor that combines profound local knowledge, a cross-cultural perspective and a cordial attitude.”

Jean-Pierre Schmutz

Region Manager L.A

Benefits from working with Ongresso

Our clients choose us because they need to achieve fast, reliable results in Latin America. We accelerate their market expansion with our expert market intelligence, lean softlanding services and professional company setup. Our clients trust us as their single point of contact to achieve long-term success in Latin America. Let us help you to Unlock the Potential of Latin America!

Don’t waste time looking for new partners in each country and for every service. Instead, partner with us to coordinate your activities more effectively, in one or various countries across the region.

We have been building long-lasting relationships in Latin America for over 20 years. The network we can tap into proves invaluable during our clients’ international expansion, saving them time and avoiding costly strategic mistakes.

We are a seasoned team of hands-on consultants and subject matter experts, diverse and multinational. What unites us is our passion for Latin America and our drive to deliver customer excellence in everything we do.


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