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Streamline your Company’s Operations in Latin America

Forget about the time-consuming paperwork to comply with regulations in Colombia, Peru, Mexico, or Chile. Let us take care of your administrative functions and ensure compliance with Latin American regulations.

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Back Office Services in Latin America

Is back office Outsourcing Beneficial for Companies in Latin America?

Outsourcing local administrative tasks such as accounting, tax, and payroll frees up a great deal of time for your company. Failure to comply with local laws, regulations, and tax obligations can lead to serious penalties and jeopardize your business in the region.

By acquiring back-office services from a reliable and expert provider like Ongresso, your business will avoid struggling with the complexities of laws and regulations in Latin America. Instead, it will ensure that your business processes run smoothly and allow you to focus on growing your business quickly.

Some of the companies we have helped to expand

Back office in Latin America made easy

At Ongresso, we offer trusted back-office outsourcing services such as accounting, tax, and payroll that allow you to streamline your business operations in Latin America while mitigating the risk of non-compliance with local regulations. Let us take care of the administrative tasks, while you generate results.

Team of experts in Latin America

Our multidisciplinary team of experts has been successfully managing clients’ back-office operations in Latin America since 2010.

Full-service package in the region

We can manage all of your key back office functions according to your needs to ensure the compliance of your business in Colombia, Perú, México or Chile.

One point of contact

Simplify the management of your international business with one partner that understands your needs and speaks your language.

Back Office

“Ongresso played a key role in the rapid buildup and growth of our local subsidiary: they handled the company foundation, managed the initial recruiting process, handled the back office and provided legal advisory and representation. This full-service package is unique and the reason why we chose Ongresso.”

Michael McCrae

Group Managing Director

Benefits from working with Ongresso

Our clients choose us because they need to achieve fast, reliable results in Latin America. We accelerate their market expansion with our expert market intelligence, lean softlanding services and professional company setup. Our clients trust us as their single point of contact to achieve long-term success in Latin America. Let us help you to Unlock the Potential of Latin America!

Don’t waste time looking for new partners in each country and for every service. Instead, partner with us to coordinate your activities more effectively, in one or various countries across the region.

We have been building long-lasting relationships in Latin America for over 20 years. The network we can tap into proves invaluable during our clients’ international expansion, saving them time and avoiding costly strategic mistakes.

We are a seasoned team of hands-on consultants and subject matter experts, diverse and multinational. What unites us is our passion for Latin America and our drive to deliver customer excellence in everything we do.


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