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The name Ongresso is not just picked off a list of available company names. It has a meaning for the company and the team, and it is reflected in the company’s vision: Unlock the Potential of Latin America!

When Daniel Breitenmoser and Ulrich Hinterberger packed their bags in Switzerland in 2010 to found their company in Colombia, they brought with them, first and foremost their enthusiasm for Latin America. It was especially through travel that both had come to know and love the region, its culture and its people.

They knew that Colombia should not only be known for coffee and reggaeton, that Peru has much more to offer than the history of the Incas and that in Mexico you can not only eat tasty tacos and listen to the music of the Mariachis. And even though they have never abandoned their enthusiasm for the obvious magnets, they had one thing in mind above all: the great untapped potential of Latin America.

Latin America does not only have large reserves of raw materials and fertile soil, which qualifies the region for exports, but also specialists in the fields of IT and software, media and creative professions.

Once in Colombia, Ongresso was born, a company with the mission to develop and implement market entry strategies for clients and to take care of their day-to-day business so they can focus on growing their companies.

In doing so, Ongresso is helping to bring innovative ideas and products to Latin America and thus promote the development of the region. This creates jobs for local talents and sales opportunities for our customers.

It is important for us to make Latin America’s potential better known to foreign companies and investors. We take a proactive approach by regularly covering exciting news and market opportunities as well as relevant political changes in the region.

However, the name Ongresso was not part of the luggage of the two founders when they arrived but was born later. It was intended to reflect the core business and mission of the company.

The two entrepreneurs started with the word ingress to describe the actual process the business is based on. From here they found their way to ongress to represent progress, proactivity and local knowledge through the on it contains, associated with onward, on-site, moving on and the expression “We’re on it“.

And where does the O at the end of the name come from? This gives the name the ‘Latin touch’, since many Spanish words end with O. So the name Ongresso was born.

Ongresso now stands for much more than just market entry. The name stands for a proactive, flexible company with motivated, empathetic employees and a long-ranging vision that is expressed in our slogan:

      Unlock the Potential of Latin America   

This slogan was created not so long ago, when the suitcases had already been unpacked and offices were established in Medellín, Colombia and Lima, Peru.

It was supposed to be clear immediately what Ongresso stands for. The company is not only a service provider, but is also strongly involved in the region. The slogan was intended to communicate our vision to our customers

Ongresso was born from entrepreneurial spirit and passion for Latin America. The slogan expresses this and represents our ambition and motivation to utilize Latin America’s opportunities. And it encourages our customers, employees and other stakeholders to join us in realizing this potential together with Ongresso.

Ongresso’s name and slogan say it all. Our entire team lives the vision and values of Ongresso and has a lot of expertise and love for the region. This allows us to take big steps to develop the potential of Latin America and to sensitize our clients to the opportunities in the region.

Our Offices


Ongresso Colombia

Cra. 41 # 9-60 Office 202
Phone: +57 (4) 501 73 78

Cra. 7 # 116-50

Phone: +57 317 441 0629

Ongresso Perú

Jr. Monte Rosa #256,
Office 502

Phone: +51 962 206 868



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