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Daniel Mendoza from VSM high-performance abrasives

Ongresso has extensive experience in the Colombian market with a broad international vision. Incorporating foreign members is the key to building trust when the head office is located in other regions, such as the European Union. We interviewed Daniel Mendoza, Area...

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Marc Luna from Terre des hommes Interview

Since the beginning of the collaboration, we have had an excellent relationship with Mario Urech in Peru. He was able to find us legal representatives in other countries who met our expectations. Knowing that this was a new form of collaboration for Tdh,...

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Interview Natalia Buitrago from BAM (Born Again Media)

Ongresso has been an amazing support helping all our employees get paid on time with amazing exchange rates. It is also a company that stays with you every step of the way in case you have any questions or issues; they will always find a way to help you.  ...

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mageba Interview Fabio Pellegrini

Ongresso was really quick to analyze and understand our situation, suggest and visualize different options, benchmark and compare the pros/cons of each option and to finally make a conclusive recommendation on the best solution that was accepted and implemented by our...

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Spee-Dee Interview

Spee-dee is an American company that designs, produces and markets packaging machinery. With over 60 years in the market, they have aggressive expansion plans in Latin America.

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