Inside Ongresso

Interview with Johanna Lemke, Ongresso Intern

“The Ongresso team really shared their beliefs with me and passed on their passion for Latin America. I believe that the region’s reputation abroad needs to improve so that people see more in countries like Colombia than just their past.” During the last...

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Ongresso – What does that actually mean

The name Ongresso is not just picked off a list of available company names. It has a meaning for the company and the team, and it is reflected in the company's vision: Unlock the Potential of Latin America! When Daniel Breitenmoser and Ulrich Hinterberger...

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Meet Tobias Kerkhoff our new Customer Relations Manager

Amidst chilly Andes peaks and 300-year-old buildings Tobias Kerkhoff has newly joined the Ongresso team. Since February 2019 he has been working as Customer Relations Manager in Colombia's capital Bogotá, a meeting point of cultures in colonial style. In...

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Ongresso Colombia
Cra 41 # 9 - 60 Oficina 202 
Phone: +57 4 501 73 78

Cra 7#116-50
Phone: +57 315 542 30 68 

Ongresso Perú
Calle Miguel Soto Valle 281 -17

Phone: +51 991 351 828