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Ongresso offers tailor-made legal advice to companies looking to establish a business in Colombia. Our well-versed lawyers have in-depth knowledge of local and international legal implications that are relevant for our clients. We provide services to help you start your business such as company constitution and legal / tax advice in Colombia, combining the services of a traditional law firm with complementary services such as business consulting and accountancy.

Our attorneys are admitted to the bar in Colombia and have experience drafting legal documents like commercial contractstrade agreements and labour contracts.

Other legal services Ongresso offers are legal advice in mergers and acquisitions, legal investment advicedebt financial structuring, civil lawsuits, intellectual property and patent law, legal assistance in company closures.

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Ongresso ofrece servicios de asesoría legal a la medida, para empresas que buscan establecer su negocio en Colombia. Nuestros abogados poseen conocimientos a profundidad sobre implicaciones legales nacionales e internacionales que afectan a nuestros clientes, algunos poseen su propia firma de abogados o han trabajado con exitosos bufetes de abogados. Ongresso se especializa en prestar servicios para ayudar a comenzar tu negocio, como constitución de empresa, asesoría legal y de impuestos en Colombia.

Nuestros abogados están radicados en Colombia y tienen tarjeta profesional y conocen de derecho comercial. También tienen experiencia redactando documentos legales como contratos comerciales, tratados de importaciones y exportaciones, contratos laborales, etc.

Otros servicios legales que Ongresso ofrece son: asesoría legal en fusiones y adquisiciones, asesoría legal en inversiones, restructuración financiera de la deuda, demandas civiles, propiedad intelectual y ley de patentes, así como asesoría legal sobre cierre de empresas

Other Services

Local Sales Support

  • Distributor Search

  • Sales Agent Search

  • Client Search

  • Background Checks


Local Operations

  • Back Office

  • Accounting

  • Cash Management

  • Payroll

  • Legal Advice and Representation

  • Administrative & Logistics Support

  • Business Plan Elaboration


Local Market Intelligence

  • Country and sector reports

  • Competition Analysis

  • Price Comparison

  • Regulatory Compliance Check

  • Product Testing

  • Legal Analysis

  • Import Regulations Check


Our Clients


Since the start of our contract, we could always count on your professional support. We have been very satisfied with your services and the overall effort to serve our company. Medardo R. Torres Constante Managing Director, Global Hydro


The detailed interviews were of significant value to our members. We appreciate your flexibility in developing the scope of the project, obtaining updated statistical information on the trade of our product category and personalizing the report Jorge Izquierdo Vice President Market Development, PMMI


Our client was more than satisfied with the results Ongresso presented. He left deeply impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of Ongresso and appreciated their personal commitment and service mentality.

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Ongresso Colombia

Cra. 41 # 9-60 Office 202
Phone: +57 (4) 501 73 78

Cra. 7 # 116-50

Phone: +57 317 441 0629

Ongresso Colombia

Cra. 41 # 9-60 Office 202
Phone: +57 (4) 501 73 78

Cra. 7 # 116-50

Phone: +57 317 441 0629

Ongresso Perú

Jr. Monte Rosa #256,
Office 502

Phone: +51 962 206 868



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