Mercedes D’Alessandro

Mercedes D’Alessandro served as Argentina’s first Director of Economics, Equality, and Gender. During her two-year term, which ran from January 2020 to March 2022, she assisted women in finding jobs and reaching record levels of employment. Futhermore, she also contributed to the creation of the Emergency Family Income system during the pandemic.

Ana María Ibáñez

Ana Mara Ibáez studied economics at Colombia’s Universidad de los Andes in the late 1980s. Her study concentrated on the effects of violence on poverty and quality of life. Particularly for persons forced to flee their homes. Her research discovered that land loss causes poverty and has an influence on income, education, and future chances. Moreoever, her research was utilized to create a land strategy that allowed displaced people to return home and might benefit 8.4 million Colombians.

Azucena Arbeleche

Azucena Arbeleche became Uruguay’s first female Minister of Economy and Finance in December 2019. She has had to deal with the effects of the global pandemic. The pandamic hit the country despite Uruguay’s strong social security system and per capita income. Arbeleche is an economist and university professor.

Ifigenia Martínez

Ifigenia Martinez is a Mexican economist, politician, legislator, and diplomat. Futhermore, she was the Dean of the Faculty of Economics at Mexico’s Autonomous University. Martinez trained numerous students who went on to become government officials. She is well-known for her economic development efforts, and she served as an inspiration to Mexico’s first generation of technocrats.

Stephany Griffith-Jones

Stephany Griffith-Jones is a Cambridge University PhD economist. She supports development banks, which offer countries low-interest loans in exchange for economic development projects. Moreover, she advised Chilean President Gabriel Boric’s election campaign, recommending the establishment of a public National Development Bank with particular purposes. Richtopia magazine named her one of the 100 most prominent economists in the world in 2020.

Mariana Mazzucato

Mariana Mazzucato is a University College London professor and the founder of the UCL Centre for Innovation and Public Purpose. Her work is centered on the notion that the state should engage in innovation in order to generate prosperity. During her trips to Chile, Buenos Aires, and Bogotá, she met with the presidents of each country to discuss her ideas. She believes that resolving poverty and low productivity necessitates a new narrative that places a premium on innovation-driven growth and progressive government.