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Working at Ongresso gives you many opportunities

“At Ongresso we hire for talent, ambition and culture fit, not for technical skills in the first place. If you share our passion for Latin America, want to contribute in a meaningful way to its positive development and care about other people, then you should get in touch with us!”

Daniel Breitenmoser

Co-founder & CEO – Ongresso

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Our Purpose

We contribute to a brighter future for Latin America

We believe that responsible businesses are the most effective actors to impact and improve people’s lives. They create attractive jobs, introduce innovative products and services, raise the bar of sustainability and condemn corruption. By helping such companies grow their business in Latin America we want to contribute to creating a fairer, brighter future for the region we love.

jobs ongresso
jobs ongresso

Our guiding principles

Our guiding principles define who we are as a company and keep us on track when faced with tough decisions.

  • Client obsession

  • Empathy

  • Passion for Latin America

  • Take ownership

  • Integrity

  • Team spirit

  • Grow and learn

Job benefits at Ongresso

Working at Ongresso has the following benefits

Current openings

At Ongresso we are always happy to get to know talented people interested in working with us. If you are one of them, tell us a bit about yourself, why you would like to work for Ongresso and how you think you would add value to our team.

Please send us your resume and describe your suitability and motivation for this position.