Amazon and the ONG WEF created a partnership to protect the Chingaza páramo, one of the most important sources of water for more than 20% of Colombia’s population. This project marks the first foreign investment for environmental purposes that Bogotá, the country’s capital, has received. With the backing of Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, the joint initiative aims to provide training in water governance, benefiting more than 6,500 residents in the area. The partnership aligns with Bezos’ Earth Fund’s goal of conserving 30% of lands and oceans globally, with a focus on supporting local sustainability initiatives.

The US company Amazon, in collaboration with the NGO WEF, announced a juicy investment of US$35,000 as a donation to protect water in the Chingaza páramo, near Bogotá (Colombia). This is the first time Bogota has received a foreign investment with environmental objectives. The project will ensure water governance training for more than 6,500 residents of the 11 municipalities in the Chingaza area. The famous Chingaza paramo is Bogota’s most important watershed and supplies water to more than 20% of Colombia’s population.

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The main objective of the project is to improve water quality and benefit local communities while preserving the unique ecosystem and biodiversity of Chingaza. Even so, it presents some significant challenges such as illegal logging and some inhabited land.

However, this partnership is part of the WEF’s Nexus Colombia-US partnership, created in 2022 precisely to counteract and mitigate sustainability challenges through research, education and sustainable development. The initiative confirms Amazon owner Jeff Bezos’ interest in Colombia, as he committed to conserve 30% of the country’s land and seas through the Bezos Earth Fund.

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