During the last three months we had the pleasure of having Tim R. Stingelin as a member of our team. As part of his studies, he completed an internship with us and supported our team in the areas of digital marketing and business development. You can read about his experience at Ongresso in Colombia below.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. In addition to team sports such as football and basketball, my passions include traveling, cooking and cinematography. Learning everything about new cultures and languages is also an important part of my life. Academically speaking, I am completing a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs at the University of St. Gallen. After that, I would like to attend a business master’s degree that focuses on innovation and sustainability. My long-term goals include starting a multi-headed family and investing my talents in a business career that is committed to adding social value to our society.

What motivated you to apply for an intern position at Ongresso?

I was responsible for a number of tasks during my time at Ongresso. Firstly, I supported the marketing team in generating new content in the area of economic and political trends in the region. Besides that, I was responsible for the development of two comprehensive market entry guides, that highlight the challenges of doing business in Colombia and Peru. Last but not least, I implemented a new client-acquisition strategy.

What do you do at Ongresso?

The main reason is quite simple. I have always wanted to work and live in Latin America. My fascination for Colombia and Latin America stems back to my early childhood, when I first went on holiday to Brazil and Colombia with my father. The joy of life and the kindness of the people living on this continent is unique. The second reason was due to the course of my studies. As I was planning to do an exchange semester at the University Pontificia Bolivariana in Medellin, I was looking for an Internship position to enlarge my Colombia journey and to gain first practical insights into the tasks of an international business consultancy. Fortunately, I got in contact with Moha, a former intern at Ongresso, that recommended me to take a closer look at Daniel Breitenmoser and his team. After an enlightening conversation with Daniel, I was sure that Ongresso would teach me valuable lessons that would help me advance both professionally and personally.

Do you enjoy your work and living in Colombia?

Absolutely. Medellin is a great city to live and work in. The people are amazing, the price level is very affordable, the local cuisine is brilliant, and you can always rely on the sunny weather (no sweater or jackets necessary at any time). In general, Colombia has a lot to offer for everybody.

My day at work started at about 8:30 am and lasted until 6 pm. During lunch, I enjoyed spending time and having lively conversations with my colleagues at our terrace. Sometimes we used to go out after work and have delicious Tacos, Sushi, Ramen or amazing vegan Pizzas.

The team spirit was very profound, something I could witness during our Christmas weekend at Daniel’s Finca (Colombian holiday residence), where we spent two wonderful days playing games and having barbecues.

Would you recommend this experience to others?

I definitely would. Ongresso offers the unique possibility to learn simultaneously about the different steps of the internationalization process of a firm and the Latin American business culture in a short amount of time. Additionally, Ongresso provides a unique work environment, that allows you to work independently and effectively. A further huge advantage is the diversity of Ongresso’s team. At Ongresso you get the chance to work among talents from all over the world. I remember speaking four different languages at the office. I am very grateful for the things I have learned over the last 3 months.


Want to be a part of our team?

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