Interview with Pamela Vargas, our new Peru Project Manager

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Inside Ongresso

“I was always interested in the diversity of cultures that live together in one country and learning more about them and integrating them is one of my motivations in life.”

We’re getting bigger and stronger around the region, that’s why it’s important counting with the best team. With this idea came to our organization Pamela Vargas, a highly capable professional willing to unlock the potential of Latin America with us and our customers. She’s the new Peruvian project manager that we would like to introduce her as a new member of the Ongresso family, she’s ready to improve the company goals into the region and serving our clients.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am 25 years old, and I just moved back to Peru after earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Logistics in Cologne, Germany. Since I was a kid, I had this strong connection with Germany because during my childhood I went to a German School in Peru. I was always interested in the diversity of cultures that live together in one country and learning more about them and integrating them is one of my motivations in life.

What led you to apply for a position with the Ongresso team?

Before I applied for the job, I read about the company on the website, and I identified with its history. The founders of Ongresso are two people who lived in Europe but realized the great potential that Latin America has to offer and then decided to build a business here to help other companies grow internationally. I had the choice to stay in Germany, but with Ongresso, I see and believe in the potential that Peru holds.

What do you do at Ongresso?

I am a Project Manager, and I am in charge of customer orientation in daily business activities. If the customer has any doubts or questions, I try to solve it as soon as possible.

I am also responsible for the planning and implementation of customer projects related to brand entry and management in Peru. Another role I perform is coordination with suppliers.

How do you think that Ongresso helps fulfill the Potential of Latin America, especially in Peru?

I think many European companies want to expand their business all over the world, but because of the different procedures that each country has, it is not always easy to do so. Ongresso makes it easier by offering its range of services to foreign companies. Our unique value proposition is a global business assessment with people with experience in the European and Latin American cultures.

How has been your experience working in Ongresso?

I have only been with the company for three weeks, but I’ve already had the chance to get to know the clients and the business model of Ongresso. I think that Ongresso has the startup feel in which every idea can be valued. 

Ongresso is a young company with great potential because of the globalization that is happening. The company wants to be present in as many LATAM countries as possible. Ongresso offers the possibility to be in touch with people of other cultures, and I think it makes it more dynamic than other businesses.

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