Which Benefits A Professional Employer Organization Provides

As an entrepreneur in Latin America, consider partnering with PEOs to reap the benefits and grow your business. It is likely to expand a company with the professional, strategic advice of a PEO while also feeling more secure. In the following, we will point out several benefits when choosing the right co-employer:

  • HR expertise: Specialized companies cover all stages of Human Resources responsibilities like headhunting, recruting, employee onboarding, as well as administrative task like payroll, tax filling and benefits. Time saving and thus more internal capacities are positive outcomes which support efficiency. Within this, companies get access to top talent. Especially companies who act in highly competitive industries where competition for skilled workers is high, benefit from the expertise.
  • Compliance: PEOs frequently employ compliance specialists who can assist in defending companies against fines and penalties. Their expertise may encompass hiring and HR compliance, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, and payroll tax law and reporting requirements.
  • Lower Costs: Another perk is cutting costs. Companies can lower the number of people they need to hire and retain, as well as the associated costs. This can help businesses save money, especially when getting started or in competitive environments.
  • Scalability: Additionally, a PEO can make it simpler for businesses to scale their operations. A company’s administrative and human resources requirements could escalate as it expands. A PEO assists businesses in managing these requirements by offering guidance and knowledge that will enable them to scale more successfully.

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What Matters When Choosing The Right PEO

The right employer of record has to offer tailor-made services to meet the company’s demands. First of all, this means that a market and competitor analysis should be carried out so that the company can communicate its requirements and needs. This brings us to the first indispensable aspect:

  1. Knowledge and Industry Expertise
    The provider must distinguish itself by a very good knowledge of the market. This means knowing which employees are needed to participate competitively. As part of this, the PEO must be familiar with internal policies and procedures. Furthermore, it is important that the company interacts with its client in-depth.
  2. Strong Track Record and Fiscal Stability
    It is more likely that a PEO with a proven track record of achievement and financial stability will be dependable and consistent in the services they offer. A PEO that has been in operation for a long time and has a track record of success is more likely to have the knowledge and skills required to continuously offer high-quality services. What is more, the ability to invest in infrastructure, employee training, and technology depends on its ability to maintain a stable financial position. A PEO that is financially secure, is more likely to be able to offer the needed assistance and materials required.
  3. Transparency
    A transparent PEO is one that is open and honest about its services, pricing, policies, and procedures. They do not try to sell you more than you are asking for. A PEO’s price structure, including any fees or other expenditures, should be as transparent as possible. You will receive complete and accurate information about the fees and services of a transparent PEO.
  4. Communication
    Besides transparency, communication between all parties plays a crucial role. Here it is up to the client to clearly communicate what is important and what is desired. This also includes defining standards, benchmarks and goals. Eventually, this aids in avoiding misunderstandings and a lack of communication, which may result in issues in the future.

Finally, selecting the best PEO for your company necessitates careful evaluation of a number of variables. You can make sure that your company has the assistance and knowledge it needs to succeed by taking the time to examine your options and choose a PEO that fits your goals and budget.

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What a PEO Doesn’t Do: Having Adequate Expectations is Key

Despite the fact that a PEO handles numerous functions, this does not imply that it takes over management of a business. Furthermore, although they might take over certain liabilities, such workers’ compensation, they do not absorb all of them. Certain elements of employment, such as recruiting, dismissing, and behaviour of employees, remain the client’s responsibility. In general, a PEO will not take decisions about the business independently. Similarily, they have no authority to set wages, working hours, or schedules. Last but not least, while a PEO may help with payroll processing, it rarely offers financial advice or handles a client’s financial affairs. It is crucial to keep in mind that a PEO’s specific services may differ based on the business, so it’s usually a good idea to check the contract and comprehend exactly what services are covered.

Ongresso Provides HR Solutions in Latin America

To gain a quick market entry, the clients of Ongresso select their HR outsourcing service, in which they serve as their PEO, also known as EOR (Employer of Record). Instead of spending months setting up a foreign business, the clients leverage the local infrastructure and HR team of Ongresso. At this point, time is of the essence.

Misclassification of a remote working connection with a contractor might result in significant penalties and fines. However, Ongresso’s HR team is familiar with local labor regulations and can assist you in navigating the challenges of recruiting locally to maintain compliance.


To sum it up, outsourcing of Human Resources activities to a Professional Employer Organization can be your HR solution when establishing a business on a new market successfully and quickly. Selecting the adequate PEO being transparent and showing references lead to sustainable success. Ongresso can assist companies in overcoming obstacles by presenting your Employer of Record in Latin America.

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