Why You Should Form a Company in Colombia

Colombia, a prime destination for international business, offers compelling reasons to register your business in its dynamic market. With a free-market economy and minimal commerce restrictions, Colombia provides a favorable environment for entrepreneurs and investors seeking growth.

Notably, Colombia proudly holds the title of being the second-most biodiverse country on the planet, coupled with the third-largest economy in South America. This unique combination presents a wealth of opportunities across industries, tapping into the nation’s diverse natural resources and consumer base.

When it comes to launching a business, Colombia provides an adaptable legal framework, setting it apart as one of the most business-friendly nations in South America. Bolstered by robust institutional assistance, the government actively encourages and supports foreign investors and entrepreneurs, fostering a seamless and efficient business launch process.

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Foundation of a Company in Colombia:
Steps to Follow

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Choosing the Right Legal Business Structure

Choosing a legal structure for the business comes after deciding on a company name. It is crucial to base the decision on the type of commercial activity that will be carried out. Documentation may differ depending on the structure. The most common legal structures Colombia provides are the following:

Simplified Stock Company (S.A.S)

For small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), the SAS is the most common and adaptable structure. One or more shareholders (individuals or businesses) of this type of organization are responsible for the capital they have invested in the business. The process of creating a Colombian S.A.S. can occasionally be complicated, but as long as you have the guidance and assistance of a local legal partner for your company formation and you meet the below-listed conditions, the incorporation procedures are relatively straightforward.

Stock Company or Corporation (S.A.)

A typical organization with a board of directors and stockholders is a S.A. Large-scale businesses frequently employ it because it provides minimal liability protection. It must be formed with a notary public and must have at least five shareholders. Furthermore, it is necessary to appoint a statutory auditor.

Limited Liability Company (LTDA)

A LDTA is comparable to an SAS, but it is limited to a maximum of 25 shareholders. It is frequently selected for small partnerships or family enterprises. Although partners rather than stockholders form LTDAs, there are certain similarities to SAs as well. A public deed is required for the formation as well as for bylaw modifications and transfers of stock or equity interests.

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In conclusion, for business owners considering to establish or expand their business, Colombia offers an attractive environment. The nation offers a variety of options for both domestic and foreign investors due to its expanding economy, advantageous location, and friendly business climate. You can successfully complete the company formation procedure in Colombia by following the steps provided in this guide and getting professional assistance if needed. Ongresso assists you to ensure a smooth and rapid softlanding in Colombia.

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