Metal Industry



We interviewed Daniel Mendoza, Area Sales Manager for Latin America at VSM in Germany. VSM is the brand name of VSM · Vereinigte Schmirgel- und Maschinen-Fabriken AG founded by Siegmund Oppenheim and Siegmund Seeligmann in 1864, and became a public limited company in 1898. Its headquarters is located in Hanover, Germany, where the company was founded. VSM has more than 750 employees worldwide.

What does the VSM do?
At our main plant in Hanover, Germany, we produce high-performance abrasives for the metal industry.

What opportunities do you see in Colombia?
Colombia has a favourable geographical location to serve Latin America, which is why we have set up our marketing and sales headquarters there. Colombia is also one of the 5 most important economies in Latin America, which is why we see high growth potential in the metal processing industry.

What challenges did you face when entering Colombia and how did Ongresso help you overcome them?
The main objective was to configure an efficient business model from a logistical and tax point of view. Ongresso has played a key role in defining our business model and in providing tax and legal advice.

What services did Ongresso provide?
Tax and legal advice.

What are the advantages of having a local partner like Ongresso?
Ongresso has extensive experience in the Colombian market with a broad international vision. Incorporating foreign members is the key to building trust when the head office is located in other regions, such as the European Union.

Would you recommend Ongresso? Why?
Yes, they offer dedicated advice with practical and concrete concepts that make it possible to make relevant decisions when setting up a business in Colombia.