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DECKARD Technologies


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Deckard Technologies was founded in 2018 on the notion of assisting counties and municipalities in accurately and precisely identifying real estate anomalies.

What was your challenge?

We faced the challenge of efficiently analyzing data related to short-term rental properties for compliance with local laws and regulations. We needed the manpower to review and adjust the data but lacked local staff in Colombia. This territory had been suggested as the best choice to expand our business, but we did not know about the requirements or how to hire.

What was the solution?

We contacted Ongressso and decided to get their services, in order to address the staffing and operational needs in Colombia. Ongresso provided a full suite of services, including legal assistance, entity structuring, accounting, payables management, and staff recruitment.

What was the result?

With Ongresso assistance, we finally expanded from just a handful of employees to nearly fifty in Colombia. The main impact was that we were able to grow their business significantly in the United States, serving over 130 clients today. Ongresso comprehensive services facilitated our rapid growth and operational efficiency, enabling our company to reach the current level of success that we have today.