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We interviewed Marc Luna, responsible for Latin America and the Caribbean, of the non-profit organization Terre des hommes (Tdh). Ongresso currently provides him with legal representation and management consulting services.

What does Tdh?
Terre des hommes (Tdh) is the leading Swiss organisation for children’s aid. Through our health, protection and emergency relief programmes, we provide assistance to over three million children and their families in more than 45 countries each year.

Since when Tdh has been active in Latin America?
Tdh has been active since the 70 in Latin America (Peru: 1973, Ecuador: 1975, Colombia: 1979)

What are your most important programs or results to contribute to welfare?
Juvenile justice is the priority thematic in Latin America, where Tdh is the pioneer and reference organization in this area, with widely recognized knowledge and results. Tdh’s projects have been carried out in Peru, Brazil, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Haiti. The projects carried out by Tdh imply a reinforcement of the justice system as well as a component focused on the prevention of violence and crime.¨

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What challenges and/or difficulties do you face when operating in Latin America?
The main challenge that Tdh is facing is the mobilization of resources in order to implement our projects. The complexity of crises (migration crisis, epidemic of violence) is also a challenge to which Tdh is working to respond.

How does Ongresso help you and what services does Ongresso provide?
Ongresso legally represents Terre des hommes in several countries following an internal restructuring. Following the creation of a multi-country delegation, we decided to outsource our legal representation in order to be more flexible and efficient in the management of our offices.

How would you describe the experience/collaboration with Ongresso?
Since the beginning of the collaboration, we have had an excellent relationship with Ongresso in Peru. He was able to find us legal representatives in other countries who met our expectations. Knowing that this was a new form of collaboration for Tdh, Ongresso supported us throughout the implementation process.

Would you recommend Ongresso? Why?
Yes I would. Ongresso is a company focused on services and solutions. They always gave us quality support in the different stages of the collaboration.