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International business consultation



We interviewed Andrea Eljach, founder of Smart Connection, an international business consulting firm. Smart Connection provides a variety of services for companies expanding to the region. Like Ongresso, they share our passion and belief the in potential of Latin America and provide a high quality service to their clients.

What does Smart Connection do?

Smart Connection is an international business consulting firm. We help companies enter Latin American markets. We do everything from market research to trade missions, business conferences and commercial representation.

What opportunities and challenges do Smart Connection see in Colombia?

Colombia is a growing economy; companies are increasingly looking for more international suppliers and are very open and willing to learn about new products. At this time, the greatest opportunities would be in the mass consumption market, especially food. In the case of imports, the main challenges are taxes and tariffs, product registration processes, and low initial import volumes from Colombian companies.

Why did Smart Connection decide to partner with Ongresso and its network of allies?

Part of my consulting service is giving advice to companies on issues related to entry into Latin American markets. This requires having the knowledge and handling of the product registration process and/or the establishment or creation of companies in these countries. The team at Ongresso are experts in this, so we complement each other.

Would you recommend Ongresso and its services? Why?

They are a team of experts in the field of product registration, business creation, accounting, and legal services involved in the (expansion) process. In addition to this, they have an incredible human quality which inspires a lot of confidence and credibility to establish a long-term relationship. Whenever I have the opportunity I recommend them to my clients, and really, we are very satisfied with our alliance because we can be sure that they will offer the same excellent quality that we offer at Smart.