Metsä Tissue


Mexico and Colombia


Forest industry



We interviewed Simo Schulz, Vice President Sales and Marketing at Metsä Tissue in Finland. The Metsä Group is a Finnish cooperative with over EUR 5.5 billion in sales and over 9,000 employees.Metsä Tissue is the group’s business unit that produces and sells tissue and greaseproof papers globally.

When did you worked with Ongresso and what services did you acquire? 

In 2016, Metsä Tissue contracted Ongresso to conduct a market analysis and partner search in Mexico and Colombia, in order to increase sales for its high-end cooking papers in those markets.The market analysis involved an in-depth business opportunity check including relevant macro- and micro-economic data, interviews with industry Ieaders and associations, analysis of key characteristics and tendencies in different sectors (retail, industry, HoReCa) and store checks.

The partner search, based on the profile we provided, included a detailed search of potential sales agents, background check, first interviews conducted by Ongresso. Based on the resulting shortlist, Ongresso conducted interviews with the best candidates, helped organize my visit to Mexico and Colombia (agenda setting, hotel and flight bookings, Iocal transport etc.) and accompanied me to those meetings.

What did it mean for you to have Ongresso by your side?

Having Ongresso by my side from start to finish proved very helpful as their very knowledgeable representatives gave me invaluable input on Iocal culture and business, their take on the different candidates and made sure all my expectations were met and actually exceeded.

What Challenges did you encounter? 

Latin America is a diverse region with a lot of potential for Metsä Tissue. At the same time it can be challenging to identify the right strategy and find the ideal sales agent in each country.

Would you recommend Ongresso? Why?

Yes, Ongresso turned out to be the perfect partner for us thanks to their complete service from start to finish, their expertise in Latin America, and their knowledgeable and courteous team who took care of our needs in the best way possible.