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iFinca’s web based and mobile application leverages blockchain technology to record every step of the supply chain process, from harvest and mill to café and consumer. This level of transparency and traceability allows for greater accuracy, accountability at every turn and independently verified farm-gate prices.

The Challenge

I wanted to expand to a country close to the United States and people kept suggesting I should consider Colombia due to its agricultural growth potential. There were many limitations to enter the Colombian agribusiness industry, I was afraid that growers would not trust a foreign company. In addition, at the time of legally incorporating the company, there were too many requirements and I was in a hurry to start my business.

The Solution

In Ongresso I found an excellent local partner that. Their multilingual team has been living in Latin America for years and knows the local culture, the way to negotiate, and the requirements to create a company in Colombia. Whenever I have a question, Ongresso is who I contact first.

The Result

Ongresso knows how things work and the setup of my local company with them was fast. Doing myself would have taken a lot longer and cost a lot more. With Ongresso it's efficient. They tell you 'here's the next steps and here's the timeline.' They look out for me. They are not interested in making a quick buck but in a long-term relationship. Finally, I was able to incorporate my company, register it and commercialize my digital application. I met many growers who saw in my product a help to obtain more profitability and sales. Additionally, my app became a disruptive reference in the agricultural industry in Colombia.