Cable manufacturer, distributor and store



About Helukabel

Helukabel is a cable manufacturer, cable distributor and cable store. We are a one-stop solution provider for cables, with more than 2,200 employees at 60 sites in 37 countries, while in Latin America Helukabel is now present in Mexico, Brazil and Peru with some branches and in the rest of the continent with partnerships. We have made it our business to get energy and communications to their destination reliably and without interruption at all times under all possible and impossible conditions.

What was Your Challenge?

Our challenge was, of course, to get the right know-how to set up subsidiaries in some countries. We worked together in Peru to set up the branch and in Colombia Ongresso supported us in finding and hiring an employee to discover the market there.

What was the Solution?

In Colombia we needed support because we did not know the market that well yet and we wanted to hire a person following all the correct conditions in Colombia and Ongresso offered us this complete solution.

What was Your Result?

One advantage of why we wanted to work with Ongresso is less risk. We have the opportunity to discover and try new markets and test the potential. That has served us very well.