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With simple transparent door-to-door pricing, and instant online quoting, Exfreight has revolutionized the freight industry one shipment at a time. A Pioneer in digital freight forwarding, Exfreight was one of the first freight forwarders to provide instant quoting and booking as early as 2008. To this day, Exfreight continues to provide a revolutionary experience with industry-leading technology.

The Challenge

Exfreight was looking to switch service providers for International PEO services to find a provider that more closely matched their business model and provided more personalized client support.

The Solution

The client identified Ongresso as a potential provider for International PEO services. After demonstrating a solid fit for Exfreight's business model and delivering client support that went above and beyond, Ongresso was contracted as the new service provider. Ongresso provided a model that facilitated a better relationship between Exfreight and the local employees as well as timely support to educate the client and address all questions about the marketplace and the service.

The Result

The client expressed a very high level of satisfaction with the sales process and the investment of time and effort to address all of their needs in a timely manner. Exfreight and their local employees were treated fairly and received high quality service that allowed them to focus on their core activities, knowing that Ongresso, as their new provider, would support them with any issues that arise. The cost structure offered was simple and saved Exfreight from hidden costs. Financial predictability is important for budgeting and the client highlighted the fact that they always received up-to-date, accurate, complete, and transparent information from Ongresso. Ultimately, this led to client satisfaction and continued collaboration.