Liquids and Gases



Services provided: Sales Agent Search, Background Checks, Legal Advisory and Representation

Country: Colombia

About the client: Bürkert is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of measurement and control systems for liquids and gases, offering everything from single valves to high-tech sensors. The German family business employs over 2,500 people in 36 branch offices and seven production locations all over the world.

Objective: In 2017, Bürkert decided to change its strategy in Colombia to strengthen its presence and increase sales. This required some changes in its workforce and hiring of various sales agents, thus requiring sales agent search services. The requirements were very specific as Bürkert was looking for experts in the field with previous knowledge of their products and a vast network of different industries. Ongresso was hired to accompany this change management process and to help prepare and implement the new strategy.

Solution: Thanks to its full-service approach, Ongresso was able to assist Bürkert in all phases of the process. After handling the legal aspects of labour-related issues, Ongresso performed a market research and provided Bürkert with a detailed overview of their key industries.

Next, Ongresso systematically screened the labour market to identify suitable candidates, using channels such as social networks, job sites, industry and alumni associations. The best candidates were invited to personal interviews with Bürkert, where Ongresso served as an independent observer, providing feedback based on our cross-cultural perspective.

Thanks to the quality of the candidates identified by Ongresso, Bürkert decided to hire more agents than originally planned. The process continued with Ongresso providing the legal advice and drafting the agent contracts for Bürkert.