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Ongresso provides for BAM (Born Again Media) Payment services and payroll services. This is the testimony from Natalia Buitrago, Office Manager by BAM.

What does Born Again Media do?
Born Again Media is a performance marketing company dedicated to developing quality websites that achieve high organic traffic and consistent revenue growth.

Since when have you been active in Colombia?
We have had employees in Colombia since 2016

Why is Colombia an attractive market for your company?
We’ve found in Colombia a very interesting niche with high-quality professionals on the tech and digital marketing industries

What questions and/or difficulties did you face when planning to establish your subsidiary in Colombia?
Basically, we needed to find a safe and reliable system that would allow us to pay all our employees on time with great exchange rates.

How did Ongresso help you / what services did Ongresso provide?
Ongresso has been an amazing support helping all our employees get paid on time with amazing exchange rates. It is also a company that stays with you every step of the way in case you have any questions or issues; they will always find a way to help you.

Would you recommend Ongresso? Why?
Absolutely. They are the best possible partner to have in Colombia, not only for payments but as an associate to know what’s happening on the Colombian landscape and how to prepare for any challenges.