Blank Factor


United States of America





As a global technology partner that provides end-to-end digital services, Blankfactor is an organization that helps businesses innovate and scale from startups to Fortune 500 companies. The company has over 100 employees and a presence in 5 countries and continues to grow. With offices in the United States, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Bulgaria, they embrace and leverage the culture of their workplaces, creating a global mindset and presence.

The Challenge

Our initial problem was to have a local accountant that knows the accounting and tax laws in each specific country and take care of our bookkeeping. We were initially working with a Big 4 company for payroll but they didn’t provide the flexibility or adaptability in HR processes that we needed. We were also overwhelmed with the amount of documentation and templates we were required to use.

The Solution

We met Ongresso after we had started working with the previous service provider and decided to switch over to use Ongresso for not just Back Office services (Accounting, Tax, Invoicing, etc) but payroll as well.

The Result

One reason we love you guys is that you are a more “nimble ship.” You are smaller than [the Big 4], but you’re better, and that’s because of your size and how you get back to us really quickly. You are extremely knowledgeable with all laws and regulations, and we are very impressed with that. Your knowledge compares to [Big 4 providers] and you probably know more than they do.

It’s great to have you guys fit in with the whole payroll / HR process and to do whatever we need. You don’t demand exclusivity and we love that you guys are kind of a “plug-and-play.” We can plug you in where we need you and we really appreciate that. I also can’t say enough about the benefit that we get from working with a company that is small enough but is filled with experts. You only send us the information and templates that we need and it fits our needs exactly.

Our overall impression is that you are experts, you know what you’re doing, but you give us a personal touch. Your turnaround time is wonderful. The meetings are organized, you stay on topic and answer questions succinctly.