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The Reverse Logistics Group (RLG) is a tech-enabled and asset-light organization with a highly scalable platform connecting all stakeholders within the reverse logistics value chain. RLG addresses global challenges in product and material returns through technology to generate value from product returns and ensure regulatory compliance on a global scale. We partner with manufacturers, retailers, and government organizations to provide new levels of business intelligence, resource efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

The specific issues that we faced were with back office support, accounting and tax support. We felt like we were not listened our customers` needs, hence we did not providing the solutions that we actually wanted, and we realized that it was time for a change. However we did not know exactly where to start, that was the reason why we looked for a strategic partner.

The Solution

With Ongresso, we had a very fast implementation time, we got up to speed very quickly, which was important. In addition, we had the feeling that our customers' needs were listened to. Our problems were taken seriously and we got a quick response and effective solutions, and that was precisely what we were looking for in this partnership.

We found timely guidance and an experienced partner, as well as a presence in Latin America, which had cost us a lot of money.

The Result

Now, we feel that we understand our client much better, we understand their needs and we are on the same page. The help we got specifically with legal issues and Back Office has made our business continue to grow every day.