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We interviewed Eleni Cotsis, Talent Acquisition Executive for ALICE, an innovative hospitality operations platform.

What does ALICE do?

ALICE is a hospitality technology company based in New York City. The company provides a hotel operations platform enabling staff to interact with both the guest and each other to deliver the best service possible.

Why did you come to Colombia?

I had lived here for almost three years before working at ALICE. Colombia offers a lot of opportunities and is located in a perfect place for us. Travel times to other countries in the region are short and there is little time difference to our team in the US. More importantly, there is a lot of great talent here, especially in the tech field. Most of our employees here work on our product team. We can offer candidates more competitive benefits than outsourcing firms in the region.

What opportunities do you see in Colombia?

Our team is definitely growing here. We currently have an engineer, a technical product manager, an engineering manager and a data specialist. I think we will be growing even more in the next year in terms of talent here in Colombia. Like I said, there is a lot of tech talent, a lot of English speakers and a lot of really intelligent people here. A lot of career opportunities here are geared more towards outsourcing agencies, so engineers at these types of companies are working on a lot of different projects for various customers. However, I have seen that engineers generally prefer to be dedicated to one company and product and to be a part of how it grows and truly invested in the success of the he company. At ALICE that is possible because we are all working towards a common goal and invest in our team members in the long-term.

What challenges have you faced when entering Colombia, and how did Ongresso help you overcome them?

We invest a lot of time in our hiring process to make sure we are bringing on the best fit team members who will be able to grow with us. When we craft a job offer, we need to ensure that we are competitive, compliant, and in-line with what the candidate needs.

In one particular situation, we needed to provide one of our new hires with a more holistic package including local benefits and pensions. To provide this, we needed help from a local company that could provide this package and offer a fast and seamless onboarding process. This is exactly what Ongresso offered us to our full satisfaction. Thanks to their experienced multilingual management team, communication with them has been easy, fast and professional and they are great at answering our questions. Ongresso was able to solve all of our challenges quickly and at a very reasonable price.