Investment Platform



We talked to Richard Focken, CEO of 12Tree, an investment platform that makes forestry projects accessible to investors.

What does 12Tree do?

12Tree is a pioneer for making sustainable forestry and agroforestry projects investable on a large scale for institutional investors. Based in Germany, the company has investments in a variety of Latin American countries.

What services has Ongresso performed for you?

Ongresso has been providing a variety of services to our group of companies in Colombia and Peru since November 2017, including tax & legal consulting, financial & tax due diligence, accounting & taxation, administrative and operational support.

What’s Ongresso biggest strength?

It’s multidisciplinary team of experts and the quality and efficiency of their work. Ongresso has played a key role in helping us assess new investment projects from a tax and financial perspective, providing expert opinions on how to structure our investment deals in an international context, and managing our SPVs’ accounting and tax obligations, ensuring their compliance with local requirements. Thanks to Ongresso’s professionalism, communication skills and friendly manners, it is a real pleasure to work with them.

We recommend Ongresso to companies and investors who want to do business in Latin America and need the support of an experienced local partner.