We share the content of our partner Invest in Bogota, the foreign investment promotion and world-class events attraction agency of the Colombian capital, which has been strengthening its positioning with companies, stakeholders and public-private entities in Europe.

We summarize relevant information regarding the impulse given to Bogota to attract new investors, boosting the dynamism in the region and generating employment. This momentum has positioned Bogota as an export platform committed to the fulfillment of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Invest in Bogota has been placing very sensitive and relevant issues on the table, such as decarbonization, the transition to a circular economy and commitments to climate change in order to migrate towards responsible investment. Thus, our partner exposes new investment opportunities for Europeans who want to expand their business in Bogota and the rest of the country.

Despite the challenges, inefficiencies and difficulties in the region, there are 4 major markets that have been preferred investment destinations and will continue to be the markets of reference and preference for this type of investors: Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Brazil. Together, these countries account for more than two thirds of Latin America’s GDP and present important opportunities in areas such as sustainable infrastructure, renewable energies, waste management, electric vehicles, water management, healthy food and agribusiness, energy transition, among other prioritized topics.

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Relevant Fact: In the last ten years, Bogota has received 576 new investment and expansion projects from Europe, valued at US$9,071 million, which have generated around 50,000 jobs. Spain, with 38.7%, and Germany, with 9.7%, stand out as the main investor countries.

Recently, options have been evaluated to promote not only business or distributor research in the country, but also to give visibility to the immense potential of the Colombian capital to host operations of international companies seeking to expand or enter the Latin American market. [ Read our article What does a leftist president in Colombia mean for foreign investors ]

These important opportunities also come with challenges for the different markets, mainly for emerging economies, as is the case of several Latin American countries.

In order to fully integrate into this sustainable investment ecosystem, it is necessary for investors to have all the available and updated information so that they can forecast the best scenario for the future. It is crucial that they know the incentives, regulations, metrics, among other necessary elements.

We are proud that Invest in Bogota continues to position the capital as the star investment destination in Latin America. Together with our team of experts, we will be able to give greater visibility to the city so that it becomes the gateway for European investors to the country and the Latin American region.

If you want to obtain long term profitability in your investment in Latin America, Contact us.

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